Membership rules and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to DGI Huset Vordingborg regardless of you having a 10-times-voucher, monthly subscription or a yearly card.


  • Every member gets a membership number with a guide to creating a password.
  • Check in with your wristband EVERY TIME you visit DGI Huset and are about to use an activity.
  • Parents have to sign up and pay memberships for children and teenagers under the age of 18.
  • In order to visit the swimming centre on your own you must be 9 years of age or older. Children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by an adult 18+ years old.
  • In order to use the gym on your own you must be 12 years of age. Teenagers between the age of 12 and 15 must be accompanied by an adult 18+ years old.
  • Please remember to change your personal information online or contact our staff at the reception, e.g. name, address, phone number or e-mail.

1.1  The wristband

  • If you want to use the swimming centre, gym or some of DGI Huset's group trainings, you have to buy a wristband for 50 DKK as a one time payment.
  • The wristband can lock the closets in DGI Huset - there can only be one closet locked at a time per wristband.
  • NOTICE! If you lose your wristband it needs to be cancelled immediatly - please contact the reception. Afterwards you will have to buy a new wristband for 50 DKK.
  • Online you can transfer money onto the wristband for buying things in the reception or the café.
  • The wristband will not be refunded if quitting the membership.

1.2  Payment

  • 10-times-vouchers and yearly cards are paid as a one time payment.
  • Monthly subscriptions are paid ongoing via your payment card, which you connect to your personal account in the booking system.

1.3  Change of monthly subscription

  • Changing/upgrading to another of our subscriptions has to be done before the 15th in the month by written enquiry to
  • The new subscription will then be active from the 1st in the coming month.

1.4  Quitting

  • The monthly subscription and payment of it continue automatically if you do not quit the subscription by your self.
  • Quitting has to be done by written enquiry to or online via our booking system.
  • QUTTING NOTICE: Current month + one month og 15th in the month as the latest. For example, quitting May 12 means the membership closes June 30.

1.5  Pause

  • This is only an opportunity for members with yearly cards. You can pause your membership totally up to six weeks, and has to be done by written enquiry to or by yourself online at your profile. The yearly card's end date will be extended by the number of days you pause.

1.6  10-times-voucher

  • 10-times-voucher is valid for two years from purchase.
  • You can enter more persons in the same price category with your voucher and you can borrow your wristband to another person in the same price catory as well. 
  • This opportunity does not apply to monthly subscription or yearly cards - these are personal.


  • When signing up as a member you get a membership number with a guide to creating a password. These has to be used in order to log in. If you have forgotten the password, you can change it through the formular or by contacting our staff in the reception.

2.1  Checking in

  • Remember to check in with your wristband, if you are about to participate in one of DGI's group trainings. This is done on the touch screen by the stairs when entering the main entrance. 
  • When participating at one of DGI's group trainings in the swimming centre, you only have to check in by the entrance of the locker rooms.
  • Checking in before a group training can be done three hours prior to the start of the training.
  • If you are participating in two group trainings in a row, the system will check you in on the second training automatically - only if the two trainings start three hours apart.
  • It is important to check in at the reception, if the system is down.


  • If you get prevented from participating the group training after you have booked, please cancel your reservation to hours before training start.
  • By absence your reservation will go to someone else and a ticket will be withdrawn anyway.

2.3  Waiting list

  • You can sign up on waiting list for already fully booked group trainings.
  • When signing up on the waiting list, you can choose to get an SMS if a spot gets available for you.
  • Remember to mark when you want to be erased from the waiting list, e.g. an hour, two hours or three hours before training start.

2.4  Cancellations and changes

  • DGI's group trainings will be cancelled if fewer than five persons have booked onto the training two hours before the start. SMS and e-mail will be sent automatically to already booked persons on the training.
  • There can be periods during the year e.g. holidays, where all trainings and activities will not be offered.
  • DGI Huset has the right to change in times, rooms, equipment and any cancellations if any other events in the building, e.g. meets and conferences.


  • DGI Huset has no responsibility for lost personal things in the house. You are welcome to use the lockets in the building, which can be locked with you wristband.
  • Lost things are kept maximum one month and are afterwards given to charitable purposes.


  • It is your own responsibility to make sure your own health is well enough to use DGI Huset's facilities without risk.
  • DGI Huset is not responsible for any personal damage or injuries in general.


  • DGI Huset has its right to exclude any member in case of hard violation of the rules, e.g. borrowing your wristband to another person not in the same price group or not following the instructions from the staff.


  • DGI Huset Vordingborg is member of Antidoping Denmark (ADD). As a member of DGI Huset you can be appointed til doping control by controlling staff from ADD.
  • This can involve collecting a urine sample before leaving DGI Huset.
  • The sample can not be submitted on a later time. If you refuse to submit the sample, or you are tested positive, you will be excluded from DGI Huset and any other gym centres in Denmark, who are partners with ADD. Your exclusion will be registered in The Danish Doping Register until it expires.

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